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This section features textures and concepts I painted for projects of varied art styles from around 2003.

I have more or less specialised away from 2D work in the past few years, but since I liked these I might as well show them.

You can see some more technical texture work in the Spore section, but they are not very visually interesting because those are inputs to various procedural systems.

The first set is a selection from American McGee's Oz, which was aiming for a flat, storybook illustration feel. The very dark lines are reminiscent of wood prints or artifacts from old printing presses.

The second set is from Metal Angel, a prototype project that was highly influenced by Japanese sci-fi. The art direction was exploring between a clean slick corporate world versus a more grungy, stained metal look.

The third set is collection of some character sketches for both Metal Angel and another prototype project called Broken Lands.


Oz Oz Oz Oz
Metal Angel Metal Angel Metal Angel Metal Angel
Concept Concept Concept Concept