In Sept 2023, I joined the leadership at Gardens as Operations Director and now run the day to day processes of our growing studio.

Half Life: Alyx

I joined the Half Life: Alyx team in the last months of production. The flagship VR game launched to critical acclaim in March 2020.

In the Valley of Gods

In 2018, we at Campo Santo created a trailer for In the Valley of the Gods, what we hoped would be our second title.

Firewatch – props

Besides having to create a large area of the Wyoming wilderness, I also get to model pretty sweet 1980s props for the game.

The Cave

I was the lead artist of The Cave, a game created by Ron Gilbert, made by our team at Double Fine Productions in SF.

The Cave – Lighting

I was responsible for lighting all but one of the levels in The Cave.  The lighting system was essentially the same as Brutal Legend.


Here are some selected shots of the work I did for Stacking, a game by Double Fine Productions in 2011.

Brutal Legend Cutscene Lighting

Brutal Legend is Double Fine Production’s 2009 open world Metal epic. Besides environment work, I did a lot of the cutscene lighting as well.

Return of the King – Frontend

This was my first professional assignment in the game industry, back in 2003 at EA. An interactive frontend menu for ROTK.

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