Brutal Legend – Level Art

The first introduction area of Brutal Legend went through a few revisions.  I was assigned to the area during its final version when the skull pile was added to increase the epic scale of the world.  Lee Petty, our fearless art director, provided the tiling skull terrain texture for me to use, and I assembled bones and skeletons that were already made for various other parts of the game for the final layout.  The bone path led down to the Car Museum ruins which I modeled and laid out.

An area called the “Car Museum” where you first meet Ophelia was introduced, and also an introductory driving path that led you to the first boss.  Raz Mavlian provided the concepts and Kristen Russell was the material artist.

Some more development concepts and models used:

I was assigned to work on the Jungle area.  It was a really challenging space because it requires its own set of unique foliage, from Eddie-sized shrubs to a central tree that is probably over 500ft tall. The gameplay in the Jungle featured a lot of driving, which means the jungle has to look good (and perform well) while the player is moving at 60mph car or walking speed.

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