ROTK Frontend

Return of the King Frontend

This is the 3D environment for the level-select screen in the game. I modelled and textured the scene as my first assignment at EA.

I was responsible for modeling and texturing the scene with only a couple of concept drawings as input. Ultimately, I was also responsible for figuring out how to create the scene in a manner that a scripter could use an an interactive menu. Thus, it was as much a technical modeling exercise as an aesthetic challenge.

Christian Scheurer, our art director, was so happy with the result that he has repeatedly said the frontend was his favourite part of the game.
Concept by Lao Chi-wai, and lighting design by Dave Blizzard.

At 5:12 you can see the frontend.



Closeup of the level select mural

The idea is that when the player unlocks a level, the faded mural gains life and is returned to full color. To achieve this effect, I structured the model in pieces that can be turned on and off, much like a rollovers on a webpage.
Here is the view of the entire 6-sided tower. The concept art below shows the original design by Lao Chi-wai



This view shows more of the intricate floor, which the final camera does not really show. Below is theh specific design called out for the details.