ROTK Osgiliath Ruins


One of the nice things about Osgiliath is that, you can see a vista of much of the rooftop level before you actually get to it. Here you can see a whole section of the rooftop ruins which I modelled from before you get there. You eventually reach the tower in the background and descend through to the sewers.

The rooftop is littered with a lot of broken floors and collasped architecture. A lot of attention was also paid to the damaged profile of the walls. I modeled them as tilable sections to speed up my process.From here you can see the precarious tower in the back. I wanted to make it look like the only reason why it’s staying it is because of a few bent wooden beams, and that it could come down any moment.Again, the profile of the broken columns was arranged to visually dissect the sky in an interesting way.

On top of building much of the terrain in Osgliath I was also tasked with modeling the animated terrain. This collapsing tower had to be built as 3 separate assets: intact, breaking, and broken. The “breaking” version is a combination of 5 pieces that fit together, and has to be under a pretty tight budget. It was up to me as well to determine how such a tower would logically break apart due to a catapult attack.

The whole set of assets for this tower was made ine one day.