Stacking Zeppelin

The Stacking world is full of weird stuff, for example, of course there is a dog race track on a zeppelin.

The loose overall concept is by Lee Petty, and the bellows car by Seamas Gallagher who was our invaluable contract concept artist because Lee only has so much time.  Freddie Lee and I were the only environment artists and we modeled and UV all the sets and processed the lighting.  Kristen Russell was the material artist and Drew Skillman designed the lighting.

The awesome ribbing of the zeppelin was modeled by Freddie Lee.  Since there were just the two of us, it made sense to share work as much as possible.
 BellowsCarA_wireframe bellows_car_workup02
Plenty of strangeness in the Zeppelin. More loose concepts by Lee.  I think on average we’d have to model out a scene like this in a couple of days.